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We are now serving your favorite Caribbean Soul Food at The ShopRite located at 4601 Liberty Heights Ave, Howard Park, MD 21207 in Baltimore, Maryland

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Welcome everyone to Auntie’s Caribbean kitchen. 

I am chef and owner Leah Ali. I hail from the tiny islands of Trinidad and Tobago which are located off the coast of Venezuela, South America. It is the Land of Steel-pan, Calypso, Carnival and definitely the best food you have ever eaten. It was decades ago that my family and I moved to Baltimore but we have still maintained our passion for tasty Caribbean Trinidadian food. “Trinis” which is the term as we call ourselves are a very close to the food and the land it makes us happy. to share our food and love of it with the world! Back home everyone owns a vegetables garden with assorted herb and veggies so you don’t have to go far to create a very delicious very delicious home cooked meals. There are especially -habanero peppers, bandania, shadow beni and of course bhajee our Local Island Spinach. Everyone uses their produce to make their own versions of hot sauce, green seasoning, Curries, Callaloo and Jerk rubs. For the past six years, I have been owner and operator of Felici Café Catering, but lately I have felt a need… Last year my team and I took part in a competition called Battle of the Brands and my star dish were crispy fried Yucca Balls, it is my very own invention and with it we won Best Overall in that competition! I have been making these Yucca balls for the past year and it has always gotten rave reviews. After much thought and planning I have opened the doors to Auntie’s Caribbean Kitchen, now you can have my authentic Caribbean dishes delivered to your doorstep. Because my team and I have been very busy in the kitchen working to create a unique this taste experience for your taste buds. Through this new venture I am able share my food with you the waiting public, I will promise that once you have tasted these dishes you will be hooked mon. At Auntie’s Caribbean Kitchen we are committed to providing you with the best all-natural ingredients and amazing flavors. Our Yucca balls similar to Arancini it is a deliciously fried crispy ball filled with Yucca and seasoned meat or curried chickpeas. First the Yucca is smashed and seasoned with our very own seasonings and spices, stuffed and fried until crispy. We are also featuring every Trini favorite street food Doubles with our homemade hot sauces and chutneys.